Thirty-One year old Tommy Marquez is a self made entrepreneur who went from being a young street musician at fifteen to the CEO of Chasyr. Tommy created the one and only rideshare referral program "New To Rideshare"  which let anyone receive half of a new Uber driver bonus without needing to be a current driver to do so. This helped create new drivers on a national scale and was only made possible with the trust and reputation he had built for himself in the industry all together. 

Now heavily interested in blockchain and the cryptocurrency used within it, Tommy has the goal to get it into the hands of everyone. He has helped blockchain startups like the decentralized commerce DApp Swarm City get off the ground with his outreach skillset and believes that it is the perfect time to go full force on his own vision, Chasyr. Chasyr is a ridesharing startup that will integrate it's own cryptocurrency while following the business model of the rideshare giant Uber. The team being led by Tommy has over 19 years in the transportation industry and countries all over the world are waiting to use it.